Mar 6, 2015

FMenu for Finacle dated 03.03.2015 by SRFix


FMenu for Finacle dated 03.03.2015

  • Improved GUI
  • SOL ID configuration for Office Accounts.
  • Enlarged view of Help.
  • BO Transactions Help
  • Link to Finacle MIS
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Mar 5, 2015

BNPL Bill Generation Issues in Speed Net 4.2


Solution for BNPL Bill Generation in Speed Net

While Generate BNPL Bill in Speed Net Module it may shows the error message as  Disk or Network error . Problem in Generation of BNPL Customer Bills. Please try again


  • While generate BNPL Bill it will fetch the data/Customer details from Speed Net Server MDB.
  • Ensure that Speed Net Server component is Accessible and Check Speed Net Server MDB.
Take Backup of Speed Net Server Component in Schedule basis to avoid data corruption.

Accountant Module Error with Printing Cash Book


Cash Book Printing Error in Accountant

after Upgrade 7.9.2 While taking Cash Book in accountant module it may show the error message as "The Callee (server[not server application]) is not available and disappeared; all connections are invalid. The call may have executed."


  • In MM 7.9.2 Cash book generated at Account MIS Client folder, it may transfer at the time of execution of DET in HO.
  • So while generate Cash book Accounts MIS installation system should be turned ON.
  • check the connectivity of Accounts MIS folder before going to generate Cash Book.

Never Remove the folder path of Accounts MIS.

SSA Lot Error in Sanchay Post 7.5 Revised Solution


SSA LOT Error & Solution in Sanchay Post 7.5

While view SSA LOT in Sanchay Post 7.5 it may show the error message shown like below..


  • Uninstall Sanchay Post Completely from your machine.
  • Install Sanchay Post 7.5 and Its Patches upto 10.1 from Patch 5
  • Never apply intermediate solution for Sanchay Post Patches. 


Download - Patch 10.1
Note: Final Installation should be Patch 10.1

SSA A/c Opening List View/Print (HACSP) : Finacle Solution

As you Know SSA scheme is new Added in POSB. There is no report in HFINRPT menu, so many SOLs are preparing List manually. Here we are give a remedy to all to print the Account Open List of SSA. You can use HACSP command to View/Print List of Account of SSA. The following process is used to execute this command. This command can be used in CPA/SU/SA level.
  • Menu Shortcut - HACSP
  • GO
The following screen will be appeared

  • Give SOL ID
  • Scheme Code is SSA
  • Give Open Date Low - 
  • Give Open Date High -
  • Submit

The following screen will be appeard

  • Click Print 
  • The following screen will be appeared

Now go to HPR
Menu Shortcut HPR
The following screen will be appeared

  • Select Box and Click Print Screen
  • The following screen will be appeared

  • Click on Print
  • Hence the report is prepared. This menu can be used with every scheme with change of scheme code in criteria.
Source :

Sale Of Penta Mobiles through Post Office

The offer includes bundled free talk time of 1999 minutes for 1 year. The bundled free talk time offer is available only with BSNL SIM cards. The focus of the company was on providing affordable devices. DOP has already started the sale of Penta Bharat mobile phones from  07-October-2014 onwards.

Penta Mobile Images


FeaturesTechnical Specifications
Model NumberBharat_Phone_PF301
Display3" TFT Screen
Color :16M
Primary Camera1.3 MP
BatteryLi-Polymer, 1800mAh
StandbyUpto 15 Days
Internet ConnectivityWhats App, E-mail, Browser, Google+
Memory StorageRAM:64MB
Expandable MemoryMicro SD upto 8GB
MultimediaSupports mp3, mp4, 3gp
Strerio FM Radio with Recording
Maximum Retail PriceRs.1999/-
Free Bundled Talk Time1999 Minutes for 1 Year

Discount for Employees

Pantel Technologies will give discount of Rs. 100/- to the DOP employees for 5 Mobile phones. 

Mar 4, 2015

Outward Rejection Procedure in DOP Finacle

When we receive the cheques sent in outward zone after clearing from the clearing house we have to regularize those cheques by selecting the particular outward zone date on which those cheques were sent (Use HMCLZOH) 

For suppose there may be some rejections in that particular list i..e, cheques sent in outward zone and which were rejected is known as outward rejection. 

Point to remember is we have to regularize the outward zone only after all the cheques were received for that particular outward zone i.e., there is no method to realize the particular outward list as partly. 

We have to realize the zone only after we have received the credit certificate for all the cheques that had been sent in the particular outward zone. 

All the Outward rejection cheques have to be lodged the inward zone.

Step by Step Procedure Of Outward Rejection in DOP Finacle

Step 1 : Release to Shadow balance for the Outward zone and give the Value date

Invoke the menu HMCLZOH(supervisor menu) then select the function as "Release to shadow balance" and select the date of the outward zone which we are trying to realize as shown in the figure 

Then select the date of the outward by clicking on the searcher that you are trying to release to shadow balance as shown in the below figure

For ex I have selected the zone date as 23-02-2015 as mentioned in the figure then click on Go then in the next screen i.e., in the General details give the value date as the date of realization of the cheque as mentioned in the credit certificate that has been issued by the clearing house as mentioned in the below figure.

Point to remember is if anyone forget to change the value date there is no modification so be extra careful while entering the value date. Then finally click on Submit.

Step 2 : Enter the outward rejected cheque in the Inward Zone

Invoke the menu HICTM then select the function as "Add",Zone date as "current working date" and Zone as "MICR" as shown in the below figure 

Then click on GO then in the next screen enter the following details
  • Enter the account number _____________________ 
  • Enter the instrument no. ______________ 
  • Enter the amount ______________ 
Select the reject field as "O-Outward" and then click on the icon beside the reject field as shown in the below figure. 

Then in the next screen the system will ask the following details ,Select the reject reason code from the searcher as shown in the below.Make sure Outward rejection details are appearing if the details are not available it means that outward zone release to shadow balance is not done. 

Then click on Accept then finally click on OK. Repeat the same procedure for all the rejected cheques.
Thanks to

Sukanya Samruddhi Account Calculator : xls


Calculator for Suganya Samruddhi Account

Thank to Staff, Balisai SO email : via SAPost


Mar 3, 2015

SPCOD Article Received Status and Request Send


SPCOD Article Received Status Tool

  • Download attached SPCOD status Checking Tool.
  • Enter Server Name and Article Number then click on OK to check the Status of SPCOD article.



Request Resend of SPCOD article

SPCOD article was Received physically but if message was not received just give Request resend of those SPCOD article in Supervisor at Once.
  • It may take few minutes / hours / days.
  • Never give request more than once.
If give Request more than once,
  • Message received with duplicate, so that communication could not upload the message in database.
So, Request Once..... Not more than Once..................

Gmail, Yahoo, Live is Banned by Govt for Official Work

GMail Login: With increase in the cyber snooping on the Governments around the world, The Government of India had banned usage of GMail for Official work by the Govt. Staff to protect the users ( Govt. Staff) and Govt Data.

The email policy which is drafted by The Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DEITY) in October 2013 is implemented by the Government after taking the views from all the ministries.This policy is aimed to protect the sensitive data of Government.

GMail Banned in Govt Offices

The Government said in the notification that “The e-mail services provided by other service providers shall not be used for any official communication,” .This decision is took by Central Government and will be followed by both government employees of both central government and state government including the UT also.

This policy strictly says that no Government employee should use the Gmail login or any other foreign E-Mail accounts like Yahoo mail, HotMail for the official work by the staff, And the staff should use the E-Mail services provided by only NIC.

Due to this policy all the government data shall be passing from the Government Servers covering nearly 5-6 lakh Central and State government employees.

And the notification also says that NIC will be Monitoring the activities of the staff and have the power to access the access, review, copy or delete any files on the server of any users (Govt. Staff) for security reasons.

Supplementary date 2015 Configuration in Subaccounts

During March While doing day begin in Sub accounts module it may show the message about configuring the Last working day of the March and First working day of April.

  • If you ignore the messages, it may appear in next day begin.


  • Log in as Supervisor in Sub Account Module
  • Go to configuration > Select Supplementary Dates 
Current Year 2015

Last working day of March 31-03-2015
First Working day of April 01-04-2015
  • Save

Sub Account 7.8 Day Begin Issues and Solution - Revised


Sub Account 7.8 Day Begin Error 

While Day Begin in Sub Account 7.8 it shows an error message as Could not find stored procedure 'H_CheckforSuppleDates'.

 Invalid object name 'SuppleDateMaster'.


  1. Download attached Script from PoTools.
  2. Execute Once Using MM Script Tool.



Thanks to
Md.Nadim SA
Purnea - 854301.

Mar 2, 2015

NSC / KVP Agent Report issues in Sanchay Post 7.5


Sanchay Post 7.5 NSC / KVP Report issues

While View NSC/ KVP issue through Agent Report in sanchay post 7.5, it may show the No record found.


  • Download below attached Tool.
  • Execute the Same from Sanchay Post Connected Machine.


SPCOD Status not update in web tracking - HDMS Solution


HDMS Solution for SPCOD status Updation

Even though properly delivered or despatched the SPCOD articles ,the status of spcod articles are not updated in epayment or speednet tracking.


1. Take pospcc database.
2.Download the attached exl and run through script tool
3.Run the Speednet Communication and ePayment Client Communication
4. Check the status in Speednet Tracking


Thanks to P.Silambarasan DSM,Theni Division

CBSAddOn Solution Tool dated 25.02.2015


CBS Addon Solution Tool

  • Ensure that you are using Sanchay Post 7.5 or higher.
  • Take backup of all databases before running this tool. 


Feb 28, 2015

Error Free Sanchay Post 7.5 Patches 10.1 dated 28.02.2015


Installation Procedure of Sanchay Post Patch 7.5

Sanchay Post 7.5

Patches order:

1. Install Service Pack 1

2. Install Patch 5 dated 07-11-2014

3. Install Patch 6

4. Install Patch 8 dtd 20.11.2014

5. Install Patch 8.1 dated 03_Dec_2014

6.Install Patch 7 dated 23_09_2014

7. Install Patch 10 dated 21_Jan_2015

8. Install Patch 10.1 dtd 03_02_2015

9. RD Default and BO BAT & DLT issues

Note : Never apply Solution except RD default issues pdb

BO BAT, DLT and RD Default Issues Fixed in Sanchay Post 7.5


Sanchay Post 7.5 RD Default and BO BAT issues

Even we have upgraded Sanchay Post Patch Order wise upto Sanchay Post Patch 10.1, It does not shows the BAT and DLT in BO Transaction. It shows only for First BO transaction.

RD Default Issues

When we collect more than one default months (example Dec 2014 ,Jan 2015,Feb 2015),it will come as 1+1+1 default Rupees instead of 1+2+3 for  100 /-  Rs denomination after up gradation to 10.1


  • Before going to apply below solution kindly ensure that Sanchay Post Patches Upgraded upto Latest version of 10.1.
  • Ensure that those patches are installed orderwise.
  • Service Pack 1 and 2 should be upgraded.




  1. For BO and RD Default issues, SDC given solution as pbd file.
  2. It should be download from PoTools.
  3. Replace in SP5\OT Folder.

Feb 27, 2015

NSS 87 withdrawal procedure in DOP Finacle

  1. NSS 87 is a discontinued scheme in DOP i.e., for a discontinued scheme in general we don't accept any deposits(credit transactions). 
  2. For withdrawal in an NSS 87 account the eligibility criteria is 50% of preceding 4th financial year value from the current financial year and in between if any withdrawals have been taken then we have to less that amount i.e., whichever is less amount. 
  3. The maximum withdrawal eligibility for the customers 65 years and above (i.e., 15H customers) is 240000/-(two lakhs forty thousand only). 
  4. The maximum withdrawal eligibility for the customers below 65 years (i.e., 15G customers) is 160000/-(one lakh sixty thousand only) for Male customers and 190000/-(one lakh ninety thousand only) for Female customers as per the DOP SB orders. 
  5. Only 1 withdrawal is allowed per financial year. 
  6. If the amount of withdrawal is less than 2500/- then their will be no tax and if the amount is 2500/- and above then their will be 20% tax on the amount of withdrawal.If the customer provides 15G/15H then their will be no tax irrespective amount. 
  7. Mode of disbursement can be cash,cheque or SB transfer as per need. 

Step by Step Procedure in DOP Finacle 

There are two ways of disbursement of NSS 87 withdrawal amount in general in DOP finacle they are 
  • BY TRANSFER( Either Cheque or SB Transfer) 


  • NSS 87 withdrawal by Cash mode can be done by using the menu CTM but make sure if the customer presents 15G/15H then update the same in the account modification menu CASBAM and verify then only proceed with CTM 
  • Invoke the menu CASBAM and select the function as Modify then enter the account number as shown 

  • Then click on Submit and verify the same in the supervisor. 
  • Then in the next step invoke the menu CTM and select the function as Add and function type as Withdraw as shown 

  • Then click on Go then in the next screen and enter the account number and amount as shown in the figure 

Then click on Post and verify the same in the supervisor login. 

By Transfer Mode 

  • In order to disburse the NSS 87 withdrawal amount by using transfer mode either to SB account or postmaster account. 
  • Invoke the menu CXFER and select the function as Add and Transaction type as Customer Induced as shown 

  • Then click on GO then enter the Debit account id as NSS 87 account id ,Credit account id as postmaster account id or SB account id and amount as shown in the figure

Then click on Post then the system will generate the the transaction id note it and verify the same in the supervisor login.

Feb 26, 2015

Income Tax(PLI RPLI Credit) certificate in McCamish


PLI  RPLI Credit certificate in McCamish

  • Login into McCamish using credentials.
  • Click on Policy Search button.
  • Enter PLI / RPLI Policy Number then click search.

  • Click on Income Tax certificate
  • then select Financial Year
  • Click on Submit to generate Income Tax Certificate.







Download McCAMISH Help Document for Counter / CPC Users



Download McCAMISH Intro Document



Feb 25, 2015

Solutions for BO CoD delivered in Postman abstract 7.9.2


BO COD Delivered information in Postman abstract

Postman : Revised v7.9.2 dated 13.02.2015


Delivered BO COD article was not reflected in COD Abstract even verification done and also day done in Supervisor .  

Abstract List shown


  • Download attached postman latest version dated 13.02.2015.
  • Replace with older version of Postman 7.9.2
  • Register all the dll in Postman Module installation folder.


Download Latest version
Thanks RABINARAYAN CHOUDHURY PA, Tikabali S.O-762010

Solution for eMO and e-Payment Communication


Issues in eMO and ePayment clients

eMO Communication Issues

 ePayment Communication issues


  1. Download attached script from PoTools.
  2. Execute at Once using MM Script Tool.


Thanks to RABINARAYAN CHOUDHURY , Tikabali S.O-762010

Feb 24, 2015

SBCO related Software Updates as on 23.02.2015


Full setup
Latest Exe only
CBS  - Utility
SBX  - Utility
 SBX.EXE, hpo_det.dbf stt_ext.dbf
SBCO Registers ( COREG)

1. Ssa_pos.dbf,  2. ssa.dbf
Consolidation Software ( CONS)
1. Ssa_pos.dbf,  2. ssa.dbf
Latest EXEs

Note :  Please copy the  Latest / updated Exe only to the concerned folder.If necessary copy to dbf file ..


Download the CBS.EXE and paste into existing C:\CBS\ folder

Download and extract the CBS.ZIP and paste in to you local hard Disk C:\  or any other drive and run the software thro CBS.BAT file

This is useful for this purposes

1. To view / Print list of Minus balance
2. Change the Account Status into CLS / TFR / NEW
3. Close all "0" Balance Account
4. Simple OB correction
5. To view / Print Closed account with Balance
6. To change the Account Status into Closed / TFR
7. To change all Minus into 0 balance by OB Corrections
8. To view / Print the Closed / Transferred Account Details

9. To Modify Transactions as bulk for a particular Period ( From - To Date )
10. Statistical Report , Quarterly Report, Summary Report, etc
( Copy stt_ext.dbf & hpo_det.dbf  already available  in c:\sbco\sb\ into c:\cbs\ folder  )
11. For  CBS offices we can enter the Total Deposit / Withdrawal / Debit / credit amount as single entry. ( Use Account No 1 for all transactions  ( For tallying Office wise Register SB63 / RD85, etc )
12. To find Total No of Accounts all Categories
Password : RAJA

Creation of Batch file

Go to Command Prompt

C:\> Edit filename.bat   ( for Eg CBS.BAT )

Type the folder name ,
Type the EXE name
Then Save the file

C:\>  Edit  CBS.BAT


C:\>  CBS      ( Enter to Continue )

Developed by
Dindigul Division, TN

If any suggestions, please mail to

Pension Calculator By Pravin Patil Updated on 24.02.2015

Excel utility for calculating retirement benefits for central government employees. With this utility one can know his retirement benefits i.e. Pension, Family Pension, Death cum Retirement Gratuity (DCRG), Commutation of Pension, EL Encashment etc.

Download : 

If any Suggestions, please mail to :

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