May 23, 2015

Connect nodes to the Server having SQL 2008 r2

We can work with SQL Server 2008 R2 in network mode also. For that we have to enable named pipes, TCP IP and VIA in SQL configuration.

Start-->Programs-->Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2-->Configuration Services-->SQL Server Configuration Manager-->SQL Server Network Configuration-->Protocols for SQL Server

Enable following Options

1.Named Pipes
After enabling above options restart the system.

Thanks to Rajesh H System Administrator

Hot Fix for Generic Host Virus for Windows XP/ Server 2003


Hot Fix for Windows Server 2003 / XP Generic Host error

The Generic host virus Spreading in Post offices through Sify Network and block the Network connectivity between Server and client Machine. Download the below attached hot fix for the Operating System and Update the same to fix Generic host issues

Download Hotfix for Windows 2003 Server

Download Hotfix for Windows XP

May 22, 2015



Day End form Pending error in Sanchay Post 7.5

Clear Sanchay Post 7.5 day form pending issues has been fixed by using the below update execute file.



Download CleanWipe Symantec from Google Drive


Download Clean Wipe Symantec

Utility Name : CleanWipe Symantec removal Tool.
Utility Size : 3.12MB
Updated on : 09.10.2014

Once you have downloaded the utility, please follow these instructions.
  • Extract the file to a new folder in a convenient location, such as the Desktop, using the un-zip password provided above.
  • Browse to the new folder and execute the utility by double clicking ‘CleanWipe.exe’
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.

Download CleanWipe from Google drive

Postinfo Version 1.1 Updated : Useful Android Application


What's New in version 1.1 ?

1. Android 4.0 app start up crash issue resolved.

2. Tracking : Screenshot button comes with extended menu with 3 buttons
a) Touch & Share.
b) Add to History.
c) Clear History.

3. Pin code Search :
a) Post Office Phone number dialing added.

4. Postage calculator:
a) Info about iMO added.
b) Info about MMTS added.

5. Insurance Premium calculator
a) Inputting date of birth added.
b) Rebate issue resolved.
c) Bonus rates changed as per the latest.

6. Interest calculator
a) SSA interest calculator issues resolved, Contribution is 14 years and Maturity period is 21 years from the date of opening.
b) RD interest calculation available for last 5 years, Editing interest rate disabled.
c) TD 2 years, 3 years, 5 years interest issue resolved.
d) SCSS quarterly payable interest issue resolved.
e) savings account interest/month shows in the order of financial year.​

​7.​ Misc
a) App rotation enabled as per the device display settings.
b) Closes the app on back key press from Home.


May 21, 2015

XP updates for Trojans appearing after AD Roll out


Solution for XP Updates for Trojans virus 

After AD roll out so many systems having windows XP infected by trojans like Trojan.Donbot, backdoor.sdbot.

To resolve this issue apply the security updates after formatting the system. Then only install Symantec Endpoint protection.

Download link of Security Updates:

Thanks to Rajesh H System Administrator

PLI RPLI Calculator version 2.1 for Post offices


PLI RPLI Calculator v2.1

Improvements from previous version

  • Minimized inputs
  • Rebate calculation included


send feedback's to

Thanks to 

AJEESH E System Administrator, Calicut Civil Head Post Office

Brief procedure of outward clearing at Sub office and Head office in DOP Finacle

  • Outward clearing procedure involves at Sub office and Head office level.


  • The following steps are involved in the SOs they are menioned below
  1. Entering the insturments by using the menu option HOMSO in counter PA login.
  2. Verification of the instruments which are lodged by counter PA using the menu HOMSO  in supervisor login.
  3. Generation of text file using the menu HOMSOEX (by clicking on report radio button)


  • The following steps are involved in HOS for handling both SOs cheques and HO cheques as mentioned below.
  1. Open the Outward zone using the menu HMCLZOH
  2. Generation of text file foe each SO by using the menu HOMSOEX (by selecting on file radio button)
  3. Invoke the menu HPR  to select the generated file, click on the icon and view the file path.
  4. Download the files at HO by using the menu HTRFTOPC i.e., enter the file path and destination path where we want to save in our PC(computer).
  5. Upload the instruments of all the Sub Offices by using the menu HCLUPLD 
  6. Entering the cheques received by HO in the same uploaded zone by using the menu HOCTM 
  7. Suspending the Zone
  8. Release to Shadow balance
  9. Regularization of Zone.

May 20, 2015

FAQ - Saving Account Issues : Finacle Solution



(i) How to see balance in SB Account at the time of deposit and withdrawal
Please see below screen shot.
Many POs raise the issue of BBT (Balance before transaction) in Finacle like legacy system. When HTM is invoked, available balance and effective available balance can be viewed. Effective available balance is the eligible amount of withdrawal.

(ii) What to do when cheque issued in Finacle is presented for withdrawal but not recognized by Finacle CBS?
Issue noticed in one of CBS Post Office in Account number 0289818958 where instrument number 805380 was presented.

Solution : When the cheque book is issued through the menu HCHBM, the radio button Acknowledge should be clicked as Yes. The issue was resolved by acknowledging the cheque through the menu HCHBM- Function Acknowledge and then verifying using the function Acknowledge and Verify the same.

(iii) How to convert existing SBGEN (non cheque) account to SBCHQ (cheque account) ? 

First the account should be transferred to the SB cheque scheme using the menu HACXFRSC by PA. Supervisor has to verify the same. Then through the CASBAM menu option the account should be modified to allow cheques. Again, Supervisor has to verify the modification.

(iv) Account Not Getting Closed. Error GR3 is coming.


This issue occurs if the account being closed is the interest credit account for some other account e.g MIS or SCSS or TD account. To check to which account this is linked, the user can check the transactions in the account being closed in the menu HACLI. The interest transactions will show the account number to which the account being closed is linked as shown below
If the closure account is Interest Credit Account, go to Account Modification menu for that linked account. Change the Interest Credit Account to some other account and then proceed closing this account.

(v) Dormant SB account closure issue

Dormant means Silent
Issue Reported : Since the SB account being closed is dormant, the account closure transaction is not verified and gives error.
The closure process has to be cancelled and the account status to be modified to Live before closing it.


a) Cancel the closure operation in HCAAC menu. While cancelling an user info will be shown that the transaction has to be manually reversed. After the cancel operation in HCAAC, the transaction has to be deleted in HTM.
b) If the account has to be closed , then after cancelling the transaction in HTM menu by selecting Modify function thru menu CASBAM.
c) Modify the account status of the SB account from Silent to Live and verify it
d) Close the account now in HCAAC and verify it.

(vi) Even after deleting RD Standing Instructions using HSSIM menu, Savings account is not allowed to close.

After deleting the instruction serial number in teller, same has to be verified in supervisor. Then only closure can be done.
(vii) Trial closure for SB and PPF accounts

There is no Trial Closure for SB and PPF. However, to see closing interest, following process is to be followed:-
Ø It involves two components-Closing accrued Interest for completed months and balance outstanding in the account.
Ø To know the closing accrued interest till date (for completed months) the user has to execute HACACCR menu and see the Report either in HPR or through HAITINQ menu.
HACACCR menu execution
Enter the A/c Id, wait for the name of depositor to appear. Compare name of depositor to ensure that correct account number is entered. Keep the field 'From Date' as blank and Enter BOD date in the field ' To date' and submit as shown in the screen shot below:

Ø This will generate a report HPR .
Ø The closing accrued interest will be arrived after rounding off the amount shown in HPR to next rupee. The total amount to be paid to depositor will be arrived at by adding the balance in the account shown in HACLI/HACCBAL Menu option and the closing accrued interest.
Ø This amount is to be shown to depositor who wants to close the account. If he agrees, actual closure has to be done.
Ø In case SB7A is received from BO for closing sanction of a Savings Account, this amount is to be entered in SB7A by Supervisor with the remarks on the top that "This sanction is valid up to last working day of the current month" . Sending the closing sanction to BO should be avoided in the last week of the month.

(viii) Interest Accrual enquiry using HAITINQ

The interest accrual enquiry can also be done using the Finacle menu HAITINQ. On navigating the menu HAITINQ and providing the A/C Id., the interest details would be displayed:

May 19, 2015

VP Intimation v5.3 Revised (PoT Intimation) dated 19.05.2015


VP Intimation Tool v5.3 : Google drive

Added Features:

  • Postman Mobile Number included in Intimation slip.
  • Article Number added in Top of the in RP55 format
  • Font type and Size has been changed.
  • Some Major issues has been fixed.



Sanchaypost Interest posting steps in Problematic offices


In few offices while Interest posting is attempted, DataWindow error appears during Importing of Interest file from ho. The following procedure may solve the error.

Download the files using the following link and follow the instructions below:


1. Run the latest upgrade SO forms.exe 
2. Run Intseq2015.exe
3. Run fix for file import-validation error msp setup
4. Uninstall Sanchaypost 7.5
5. Install Sanchaypost 7.0 setup
6. Import the SOs file from respective HO in 

Sanchaypost Counter --> Day begin/Dayend --> Import files from HO option
7. Save --> Send
8. Login as Supervisor

SB--> Annual Interest Calculation --> Calculate Interest --> Select Annual Interest Posting option --> Give the Financial Year 2014 and press Enter
9. Give the SB Account Number range in FROM and TO text boxes
(Refer Supervisor --> Initialization --> SB A/c No, AT no, Nominee form)
10. Press OK and the Interest starts posting.
11. Check with DB Analyzer for SB accounts without interest entry count.
12. Uninstall Sanchaypost 7.0
13. Install Sanchaypost 7.5 in the order given in the screenshot with the setup available in SDC chennai website.
14. Copy and Replace the postrd1.pbd file inside the SP5/OT folder (Sanchay post installation folder)

Sanchay Post Installation Order

Thanks to Saravanan R DSM & SPOC Pollachi Division

May 18, 2015

DBAnalyser 09-01-2015 DbaPlusv6 dated 06052015


DB Analyzer v06.05.2015

  • Download and Update latest version of DB Analyzer.


Day End Info Tool for Post Office

 This Tool Includes Following Options :
                                                    1) Day End Info
                                                    2) NREG JobCard Expire Date Reset
Day End Info Tool is used to know the day end information of all the Modules.


If any errors, Contact:
Name   : Raveesh
Mail     :
Mobile : 8095638850

Clearing the eMO log file problem by CEPT, Mysore

Last few months we are facing the issues with eMO, frequently the log of the database was full. we have to execute the script which is provided by CEPT to solve the eMO Log issues.
  • Exit all the modules related to eMO.
  • Download the attached eMO Log Clear script from PoTools.
  • Execute at once using MM Script Tool.


May 15, 2015

POBox Communication for PO Edition


System Requirements:

1. Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0/4.0 Client Profile or Above for both SO and HO.
2. Micro Soft Access-2003 or Above Versions (Only 32 bit)
3. Works On Any 32 bit(x86) Windows
4. Either you should have WAN/Internet Connection.
5. Client for Sub office’ is only Applicable for “any Sub office”, to send email attachment(s) to Head office.
6. Server for Head office is only for “Head office” which downloads received mail attachment(s) only sent by Client application of a sub office.



In case any problem/Improvement you can reach me through this mail at any time or you can make call to the number mentioned below.

Email   :
Mobile : 9480835426
Tumkur Division, Karnataka Circle

Certificates discharge error in DOP Finacle

  • When we close the KVP or NSC certificate then we will face the error " A/C balance is not equal to Repayment account" 
  • This error usually we face when we try to discharge the certificates by using the bulk closure option i.e., CNSBCV. 
  • This is a technical error this should be handled at the back end by the Help Desk team. 
  • The error can be viewed in HPR(PRint Report) menu as shown in the below figure 
Raise the ticket for the above problematic accounts with the Infosys HD(Help Desk) team.

Solution for the above problem:-

  1. Infosys HD team will correct the balance and then they will inform to execute the command HUHNU (This menu is accessible to CEPT team only. 
  2. CEPT team will run the command HUHNU for the problematic accounts. 
  3. Then after this step user can discharge the certificate and verify in the supervisor.

Preservation of Records related with delivery and payment of COD articles


May 14, 2015

Windows 2003 : Service Host process may stop unexpectedly


The Service Host process may stop unexpectedly in Windows Server 2003

The Service Host process (Svchost.exe) that hosts the Computer Browser service and the Server service stops unexpectedly in Microsoft Windows Server 2003. Additionally, if you try to restart the Server service that is hosted by the Service Host, you receive the following error message:
Could not start the Server service on Local Computer.
Error 5: Access is denied.
When this problem occurs, the following services also stop:
  • Application Experience Lookup Service (AeLookupSvc)
  • Automatic Updates (Wuauserv)
  • Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS)
  • COM+ Event System (EventSystem)
  • Computer Browser (Browser)
  • Cryptographic Services (CryptSvc)
  • Distributed Link Tracking Client (TrkWks)
  • Help and Support (Helpsvc)
  • Logical Disk Manager (Dmserver)
  • Network Connections (Netman)
  • Network Location Awareness (Nla)
  • Remote Access Connection Manager (RasMan)
  • Secondary Logon (Seclogon)
  • Server (Lanmanserver)
  • Shell Hardware Detection (ShellHWDetection)
  • System Event Notification (SENS)
  • Task Scheduler (Schedule)
  • Windows Audio (AudioSrv)
  • Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (SharedAccess)
  • Windows Management Instrumentation (Winmgmt)
  • Wireless Configuration (WZCSVC)
  • Workstation (Lanmanworkstation)

Download hot Fix

Database Browser Portable for SQL Operations


SQL Table Viewer / Query Analyzer portable

  • Download and install Portable database browser.
  • Connect with your SQL database using login credentials.


Recover Suspected SQL Database Using Query


SQL Suspected database recovery

exec sp_configure 'allow updates',1
above run in master 
reconfigure with override 
above run in master 
begin tran update master..sysdatabases
set status=32768 where name='post'
if @@rowcount = 1
begin commit tran raiserror('emergency mode set',0,1)
begin rollback raiserror('unable',16,1)
dbcc rebuild_log('post','d:\post.log')
 above run in master

Fix Generic Host Process for win32 services


Generic Host Process for win32 services

Screen shot 2010-08-19 at 10.54.10 PM.png

Method 1

Apply hot fix from Microsoft to overcome the generic host network issues

Method 2 – Reset Winsock

If the Winsock subsystem has become corrupted or is no longer working properly, you may end up with this error. You can fix it by opening a command prompt (Start, Run, type in CMD).

Once at the command prompt, just type
netsh winsock reset
and press enter. This will reset the Winsock Catalog. You should restart your computer.

Method 3 : Registry Fix

Lastly, if nothing else has worked, you can try modifying a registry key that could solve your problem. You should only do this as a last resort since it entails messing with the registry, which can be dangerous.

Make sure you perform a backup before making any changes. Then go to the following registry key:
HK_Local_Machine – System – Current Control Set – Services – Browser – Parameters
Then look for a key called IsDomainMaster and make sure the value is set to false. If the key does not exist, go ahead and create a new String value (REG_SZ) and give it a value of false.

Method 4

Download and Scan using Antivirus Trail version

May 13, 2015

Post Office Software Update for the Month of May 2015


Post Office Updates : May 2015

India Post Android Application

Download and Install Android application in Android Mobile v4.0 and above

Sanchay Post Patch 13

1. Download and Update Patch 13 in Client & Server Machine to all Head and Sub Offices.
2. Use Import Tool to Export SSA data from SO and Import Tool to Import to HO.

Interest rate Change 2015

  • Download and Update rate of interest 2015 for SSA and SCS

Signature Scanner Tool 

Specimen Signature Tool all in one without password

Data Profiling Tool v6.4

  • Download and Update Latest Version of DPT v6.4 dated 29.04.2015

FAQ - SSA Interest Posting , Export - Import Tool


Issue 1

Which tool to be executed first ??? (Whether Patch13 or Export -Import tool)


1) Data has to be imported first by using "export - import" tool.
2) Then, SSA Interest has to be calculated at HO by using Patch 13
3) SSA interest file has to be imported at SO by using Patch 13

Issue 2

SSA Data Entry already completed at HO SOSB .Whether we have to use Export Import Tool again 


Refer User Manual for Patch 13 
If SSA interest is calculated / posted at SOSB already through Patch 12, it is mandatory to export/import SSA data through “Export Import tool” available at SDC and interest should be recalculated again at SOSB

Issue 3

While using Export Tool at Sub office, '.txt' files are created instead of '.ENC' files


Go to SP 5 >>> OT Folder >>> AnyCryp.dll . Copy this 'dll' file and paste the same in SSAExport Folder (by overwriting the existing one)
This Export Import Tool may be installed in another client machine (with latest configuration) and run 'soexport.exe'

Issue 4

At HO, SSA Interest Files are not generated in HO to SO Folder during Day End


Solution 1:
Perform Day End from another client machine where all the patches are updated with correct sequence and check whether files are created.

Solution 2:
Run "Int_Seq_SSA_2015.exe" again at HO & check whether files are created during day end Link for "Int_Seq_SSA_2015.exe":

Issue 5

Interest files are created with seq no 2 or 3 instead of 1.


Run "Int_Seq_SSA_2015.exe" again at HO & check whether files are created during day end Link for "Int_Seq_SSA_2015.exe":

Issue 6

At SO, no option for "import files from HO" in Day Begin/End group


Download & run "Upg_SO_Forms.exe" from SDC site

Issue 7

At SO, while importing SSA Interest Files, application hangs


Try from another client machine where all the patches are updated as per the sequence.

Download Full document

May 12, 2015

Post Info Official Android Application for India Post by CEPT


Official Android Application of India Post by CEPT


Google Play Store

Demo Video

Postinfo - screenshot Postinfo - screenshot

Postinfo - Department Posts Android Mobile Application

Postinfo, the citizen centric android Mobile application of Department of Posts developed by Centre for Excellence in Postal Technology .The app provides the following facilities; 
1) Tracking
2) Post office search
3) Postage Calculator
4) Insurance premium calculator
5) Interest calculator
Brief description of each facility is given below;


The tracking facility is made available on this mobile app for the following types of mail items.
• Speed Post • Registered Letter • Insured Letter
• Value Payable Letter • Insured Value Payable Letter • Registered Packets
• Registered Periodicals • Registered Parcel • Insured Parcel
• Value Payable Parcel • Insured Value Payable Parcel • Business Parcel
• Business Parcel COD • Express Parcel • Express Parcel COD
• Electronic Money Order (e-MO)
The users can view the status of the above mentioned type of articles by entering the articles number and touching the Track button. The following additional facilities are also available.
• Save the results for future reference 
• Share it with others through Android native sharing apps viz. Bluetooth, WhatsApp, Facebook etc.


By entering first four character of the name of the Post office or by entering the Pin code of the office the users can get a list of matching Post offices. By clicking again on the row the user gets the details like Name of Post office, Street address (location), contact details of the Post office (where ever available) for the selected Post office. The name of the Division and contact details of the Divisional Superintendent (where ever available), details of Regional Postmaster General and the Chief Postmaster General will also displayed. 


The app will calculate the Postage (tariff) to be paid for all types of articles based on the weight entered by the user. The unique feature of the Postage Calculator is that in single query it shows the tariff chargeable for the following items.. 
• Ordinary letter • Speed post Domestic *
• Registered letter • Ordinary Parcel
• Registered Parcel • Registered book packet
• Registered book packet containing Printed books • Ordinary Registered book packet 
• Ordinary book packet containing Printed books • Book packet containing periodicals
• Book packet containing Registered News papers
• *Domestic Speed Post Tariff depends on distance between place of origin and destination. 
• Based on tariff there are 5 slabs of tariff viz. local, up to 200 KM, 201 to 1000 KM, and 1001 to 2000KM and above 2000KM. The calculator shows the tariff for all categories)
The Department is offering various types of Life Insurance Policies through Postal Life Insurance and Rural Postal Life Insurance. The users can check the premium payable for all the eligible types of Postal /Rural Postal Life insurance Policies on the basis of the input entered.


Post office is offering different types of Small Savings Schemes as mentioned below:
• Sukanya Samriddhi yojaana • Recurring Deposit
• Time Deposit (1 year, 2 year, 3 year and 5 year) • Monthly Income Scheme
• Senior Citizen Savings Scheme • National Savings Certificate 
• Kisan Vikas Patra

The calculator shows the interest rate for each savings scheme. By entering the amount

Postman SQL Database Error and Solution


SQL Database error and Solution

Could not retrieve row from page by RID because the requested RID....


Execute below query one by one at once using Query Analyzer

Use database_name

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