Dec 22, 2014

Tool for Re Arrange Sub Account Field in SubTreasury field link


Tool for Rearrange Sub Account Fields

This is a Testing Version of rearrange Subaccount Field name in Subtreasuryfieldlink table. So never try without System Administrator. Finally version will be released shortly after fixed minor bugs.

Instruction for SAs:

Dear System Administrators, follow the instruction to rearrange fieldname.
  1. Download attached Tool for Rearrange Sub Account Field from PoTools.
  2. Take Backup of SubTreasury Database.
  3. Enter Server Name
  4. In first Text Field of Date Enter Correctly field name arranged  Date. 
  5. Date format Should be ddmmyy
  6. then Enter date to be rearrange fieldname of subtreasuryfiledlink, this is probably today date (Update date).
  7. If any issues with rearrange fieldname just click on restore button to restore previous state.
Never : If both options are not working just restore Database.


Kindly send your feedback to final release.

Speed Net 4.2 BO Article Booking - Receipt from other Office


Receipt BO Articles in Speed Net 4.2

While receive the Speed Post articles which is booked at Branch Office in Speed Net Module it may shows an error message "the selected ______ BO(P) Not Using Speed Net Module...

Solution : Speed Net 4.2 Receipt BO booked article 

Method 1:

  • Download the Latest version of Speed Net 4.2 from CEPT FTP.
  • Upgrade the same with proper way.

Method 2:

  1. Download the Attached Tool from PoTools.
  2. Execute at once to Upgrade BO Information in Speed Net Module.

Download: Tool to Enable BO Name in Speed Net 4.2


Updated on : 22.12.2014 valid upto 20.01.2015

Relaunched KVP Discrepancies in Data Profiling Tool


KVP Discrepancies Error Ignored Until New DPT

Temporary Solution

  • KVP re introduced after which DPT has not been released. So the newly  issued KVP will be shown under this discrepancy. 
  • Though this discrepancy can be ignored, DM tool won't go forward unless DPT error is nil. 

  • SO as per the latest instruction, offices may obtain a permission from D.O., make an error entry in the office and delete these KVP details from database. 
  • Once the option for issue of KVP is made available in Finacle, these certificate can be issued in past date(value date)

Thanks to Rajesh C R

SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 4 Download


SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 4

Important: SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 4 is not supported on Windows NT 4.0, Windows Millennium Edition and Windows 98 platforms.


Step 1: Download the appropriate package(s) and their corresponding Readme file(s).
Step 2: Back up all your databases. 
Step 3: Review the appropriate Readme file(s) and follow the installation instructions. 

Download SQL 2000 SP4

Dec 21, 2014

USB Disk Storage Format Tool 5.1- 100% Freeware


USB Disk Storage Format Tool 5.1 Download

Download Host : Google Drive
File Size : 547Kb.

USB Storage Format Tool

USB flash drives hold everything from personal and medical information to music and pictures and even secure data, with the added advantage of being small and rugged enough for keychain duty.

USB Disk Storage Format Tool utility allows you to quickly and thoroughly format virtually any USB flash drive with your choice of FAT, FAT32, exFAT, or NTFS partition types.


  • Quick format and safe format.
  • Erase all data and delete space on flash drives that cannot be removed in the traditional way.
  • Remove any tracks of malicious software that may have infected it. 
  • Correct partition errors if any. 
  • Create volume label for USB disk drives.  
  • Scan drive for errors before formatting.
  • Create a FAT32 volume larger than 32 GB.

Download from Google Drive

Tested with thousands of flash drives (Compact Flash, CF Card II, Memory Stick Duo Pro, SDHC, SDXC, Thumb Drive, Pen Drive) of the following brands, SanDisk, Kingston, Transcend, Corsair, HP, Sony, Lexar, Imation, Toshiba, PNY, ADATA, Verbatim, LaCie, Panda, Seatech, SDKSK9, Silicon Power, IronKey, and HDE.

Tools to Restore Task Manager, Regedit, CMD and Folder Options


Tools to Restore Task Manager, Regedit, CMD and Folder Options After Being Disabled by a Virus

The Windows Task Manager is one of the most useful tools to check for any unknown running process. You can either access it by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc, right click on the Task bar and select Start Task Manager, or type taskmgr in the run box or search programs and files bar. If the Task Manager is disabled, you will see an error popup that says “Task Manager has been disabled by your administrator”.
In the case of a disabled command prompt (cmd.exe), it will still run but will show a message “The command prompt has been disabled by your administrator. Press any key to continue” in the window.

For the Folder Options being disabled to prevent Windows from showing hidden files, the menu will be removed from the Tools menu bar, grayed out in the Organize menu and you won’t find the shortcut icon in Control Panel.
All these restrictions can be easily lifted by making some changes on the registry using the Registry Editor (regedit) but unfortunately it can also be disabled and you will see the error “Registry editing has been disabled by your administrator”.

Re-Enable 2

The Re-Enable tool came about after one of our forum members tangomouse helped another forum member with a problem, and decided to create a tool to make things easier in future. It’s now a popular tool on the internet and can re-enable a disabled Task Manager, Registry Editor, Command Prompt, Folder Options, even System Restore and a few other system functions that are sometimes disabled by virus infections.

By default, all options are enabled and you can simply press Re-Enable to reset everything, or click the button to Uncheck All and tick only what you want. The disable feature will be instantly enabled or if not, a reboot would do the trick. The Tools menu has some other very useful options like unhide hidden drives, repair Explorer.exe startup issues and reset file and folder attributes etc. If you have any bugs or suggestions, they can be left in the Re-enable forum thread. Tangosoft no longer supports a portable version, but it can still be downloaded from Softpedia. Requires .NET Framework 3.5 to run (portable includes the .NET files).

Download from Google Drive

Dec 20, 2014

Meghdoot (MM 7.9.2) Update for SOs


Meghdoot 7.9.2 fo Sub Office Update

Download Meghdoot Update 7.9.2 for SO from PoTools. This version is not applicable for Head Offices.

Download SO Update 7.9.2

Size : 30MB
Host : Google Drive
Thanks to Silambarasan DSM

Meghdoot 7.9.2 Released by CEPT on 20.12.2014


MM 7.9.2 Released by CEPT

All the Modules were revised by CEPT and Released on 20.12.2014. Software Fully tested around 5 circles without any issues.

Direct Download Link from FTP

MM 7.9.2

Parcel Net 1.1


Note: If any error found while upgrade database, kindly raise the ticket with CEPT for Solution.

Dec 19, 2014

CBS Migration Document Updated on 17.12.2014


View / Download Updated Document 17.12.2014

CBS Live



Tool to Configure Holidays 2015 by PoTools

  • Click on Sql Configuration to enter Server Details.
  • Using Admin Login you can Also Create new database for your circle.
  • View list is used to check your Circle Holiday List 2015

Holiday List 2015 Configured in

  • Point Of Sale, Sub Account, Sanchay Post.
  • Developed by Admin, PoTools.


  • Configure holidays 2014 in Three Modules with one click.
  1. Point Of Sale.
  2. Sub Accounts.
  3. Sanchay Post.
No Need to Configure Weekly holidays separately.


Andra Pradesh


Odisha Revised 18.12.2014 11:00AM


Tamil Nadu Revised




West Bengal


Note: Just Verify Holiday List of your circle using View List Menu.

Dec 18, 2014

Release Document of Meghdoot v7.9.2 and Parcel Net v1.1 and Check List


Release Document and Check list of Meghdoot 7.9.2

Release Order 

After successful completion of testing, the software is now ready for deployment. lt is proposed to release the new software on 20-12-2014.

Release Document for MM and Parcel Net

Check List for System Administrator : 

Meghdoot version 7.9.2 

Parcel Net v1.1

Major Modification in Software

Download / View Annexure 

Download All the above Documents using below link

Procedure to Change name of depositor in Finacle : India Post


Procedure for changing the name in Account details 

In case of name change, use menu:



A customer has changed the name in Gazette and wants to change the name in all the accounts.
1.    Invoke the menu CMRC and select the function MODIFY
  • Change the required Last name, Preferred name and short name
  • Click on Submit

2.    Verify the modified details using CMRC menu

3.    The Name change done in CIF will not get effected in Account level as this CIF has already been linked.

4.    Now to correct the name in account details, invoke the menu HAALM from operator
  • Select the function MODIFY
  • Enter the account number wherein the name change has to be done
  • Click on GO

5.    The old account details will be displayed

6.    Required name to be changed in A/c Name and A/c Short name fields

7.    An exception will be thrown, click on Accept

8.    Verify the same using HAALM in Supervisor login

9.    An exception error will be thrown. Click on Accept

Name has been changed successfully in the PPF account

New Features of Meghdoot 7.9.2 Update


Meghdoot 7.9.2 New features

The following new features are incorporated in Meghdoot 7.9.2.

1) Provision for doing Sale of Philately Stamps (Point of Sale module)
2) Provision for capturing the mobile number of the Addressees of a Speed Post, Registered, Parcel, Flat Rate box and eVP articles (Point of Sale module)
3) Provision for doing AirMail - Bulk Bag booking (Point of Sale module)
4) Provision for doing SAL - Bulk Bag booking (Point of Sale module)
5) Barcode series starting with ‘”R” has been made mandatory while booking the following types of foreign (Airmail, Seamail, SAL) articles. For these kind of articles, the Parcel series barcode is prescribed earlier (Point of Sale module).
6) Closing of foreign Registered Packets (booked with R series barcodes) in Parcel Bag and allowing them to be dispatched to Parcel Hubs (Despatch module)
7) Provision for deletion of old Special Journal booking data (Despatch module)
8) Provision for capturing the Addressee mobile number for the articles booked through Special Journal option (Despatch module)
9) Advance Customer Facility for Parcels (BNPL Parcel module)
10) Expansion of Express Parcel service throughout the country (BNPL Parcel module)
11) Provision at Head Post Offices to capture the details of COD parcels delivered at non ePayment SOs (Postman module)
12) New report showing the status of each COD Parcel pending at the delivery Post Office (Postman module).
13) Transmission of article receipt (registered letters and parcels) event to the Server so as to bring accuracy in Tracking even though dummy bag barcodes are used Office (Postman module).
14) Separate Head of account for Philately Stamps (Treasury module)
15) Accounting for Philately Stamps sale separately in HO Accounts and also in AccountsMIS Reports (Treasury module and AccountsMIS module)
16) Implementation of new Income Tax Slabs (Accounts module).
17) Generation of Cash Book File from each Head Post Office and transmission of the same to CEPT for further processing and onward transmission to DA(P) concerned (Accounts, AccountsMIS modules).
18) New option for exporting the pension data to csv file (AccountsPBS module). 

Dec 17, 2014

Send your Circle Holiday List to Develop a New Tool

Dear Friends,
                    Kindly Send your Circle Holiday List to to develop a Holiday Configuration Tool.

I Plan to Publish Holiday Configuration Tool for all Circle Configuration, So kindle co-operate me to develop a this Tool.

Kindly submit in Excel Format if possible to easy access

Thank you so much

SBCO - CBS Utility Updated on 16/12/2014


SBCO CBS Utility Updated 16.12.2014

New features :

1. for CBS offices we can enter the Total Deposit / Withdrawal / Debit / credit amount as single entry. ( Use Account No 1 for all transactions 
2. To find Total No of Accounts
3. Reports to find Accounts which are inactive for more than year 


  • Starting & Ending Account not necessary ( Zero is enough )
  • Cut off date top RD ( DLT) = 01/01/1999 or 01/01/2004
Password : RAJA

SBCO CBS Utility Updated on 16/12/2014


Download the CBS.EXE and paste into existing C:\CBS\ folder

Download and extract the CBS.ZIP and paste in to you local hard Disk C:\ or any other drive and run the software thro CBS.BAT file

This is useful for this purposes

1. To view / Print list of Minus balance

2. Change the Account Status into CLS / TFR

3. Close all "0" Balance Account

4. Simple OB correction

5. To view / Print Closed account with Balance

6. To change the Account Status into Closed / TFR

7. To change all Minus into 0 balance by OB Corrections

8. To view / Print the Closed / Transferred Account Details

9. To Modify Transactions for a particular Period ( From - To Date )

10. Statistical Report , Quarterly Report, etc

( Copy stt_ext.dbf & hpo_det.dbf already available in c:\sbco\sb\ into c:\cbs\ folder )

  • for CBS offices we can enter the Total Deposit / Withdrawal / Debit / credit amount as single entry. ( Use Account No 1 for all transactions
To find Total No of Accounts

Password : RAJA

Download : ( Updated on 16/12/2014 )

If any suggestions, please mail to

Tool for ePayment Transaction Report Viewer Revised


Tool for ePayment Transaction Billerwise

Total Number of Bills and total Amount will fetch from eCounter database using this tool.

Bug Fixed:

  • ePayment Transaction of Only Booked Transaction not cancelled transaction.
  • Exception from Symantec Antivirus deletion
Biller ID and Descriptions also view using this Tool.

Download ePayment Report Viewer Revised

Release of Meghdoot v7.9.2 and Parcelnet v1.1


Release of Meghdoot software v7.9.2 & Parcelnet v1.1

  • Meghdoot Software version Update 7.9.2
  • Parcel Net Version 1.1
Release Date : 20.12.2014
Director CEPT on updates on Meghdoot and Parcel Net proposed to be released on 20.12.2014 along with release documents.

Major Modification Related to:

  1. Updation of COD Articles - Postman, Despatch and Point of Sale, R Net
  2. ePayment Client
  3. BNPL Parcel Software.

Download Meghdoot 7.9.2 and Parcel Net 1.1

Register with PoTools Option is Re-Enabled


User Registration Option : PoTools

Last few weeks, Register with PoTools option was not able to access due to non upgraduation of Google drive Spread sheet document. Now it  had been migrated with Newer version of Spread Sheet.
Register with PoTools option Restored. Just Ignore if you are already registered.

Register User using Below Link

Note : Never Register Once again if you already register with PoTools.

Current year calculation for SBA accounts : Finacle


Current year calculation for SBA accounts

  • If we want to know the CYI(Current Year Interest) for SBA accounts(SB,PPF and NSS account) we can view the same in the menu HACCDET
  • If we are trying to close the SBA accounts(SB,PPF and NSS account) in Fiancle application, at the counter level the counter PA don't know the amount of interest(CYI) at the time of closure of SBA accounts.
  • After verification of SBA accounts closure only the counter PA will know the CYI by invoking the ledger inquiry(by using HACLI) for SBA accounts.
  • In order to view the CYI for SBA accounts the counter PA before closing the SBA accounts he can view the CYI by using the menu HACCDET.

HACCDET:- Stands for General Details of Account

  • Invoke the menu HACCDET enter the account number and click on GO as shown

  • Then the system will show the no of details such as
  1. CYI(Current Interest Year) of the SBA account.
  2. CIF id of the customer.
  3. Scheme code of the code
  4. Account status.
  5. Mode of operation.
  6. Total balance in the customer account as shown in the below figure

So make a practice to invoke the menu HACCDET to know the current year interest for SBA accounts before trying to close the account. 
Thanks to :

Dec 16, 2014

Sanchay Post Database Upgrade Patches from Version 6.5


Sanchay Post Database Up-gradation

Sanchay Post Patches for database up-gradation 

Download Patches for Upgrade DB Version from 6.5 to 7.5

KVP Patches and SP5 Folder

Thanks Rajesh H

Old Premigration Tool for SCS Discripancies


Old Premigration Tool for Clear SCSS Discrepancies

  • SCSS Ledger Remarks having Null in Remarks discrepancies
  • To clear SCS Null Discrepancies,
  1. Download attached Pre Migration Tool 
  2. Execute Once from backup Server 



Thanks to Rajesh H

Speed Net : BNPL Customer Configuration and Booking


BNPL Bulk Customer Configuration

  • Login as Supervisor in Speed net

  • Under BNPL menu select "Customer Details" option.

  • Now you will get the following Screen. 

Here fill up all details such as Name of the Company, Address, Account Number and Article type etc.

See the following screen for demo.

  • After completion of feeding Customer details, click on " Agreement " button.

Then you get the following screen, in that enter details such as Memo number , Bill raising office, Agreement date , Expected Business per month and Guarantee amount.

Note: Guarantee amount must be 4 times to Expected Business.
  • Now click on " Save" button.
  • Then you will get the following message box

  • Here click on "Yes" button.( If any corrections click on "NO")
  • Again you will get a Confirmation Message box. In that click on "Yes" button.

After this stage you should use "Flush data" option. if not Customer (details) will not appear while booking.

Precautions to be followed while Opening an account in DOP Finacle



The following observations I have while opening an account in Finacle.I want to share with you which will be really handy when we are in a real scenario.The following that can't be changed after opening an account by the counter PA but even before verification by the supervisor.They are as follows:-

  • CIF id can't be changed.
  • Amount can't be changed.
  • Agent can't be selected.
  • Value date can't be changed.
  • Agent can't be modified.


CIF id once entered at the time opening an account will not be changed even we invoke the respective modification before verification menu.

If any problem persists then we need to merge the CIF id and change the name of the account at the account level by using the menu HAALM (supervisor menu).


The deposit amount once entered will not be changed even in modification before verification menu also we can't change the deposit amount.

The only solution for this is make an error entry and close the account as "Exceptional Closure" after obtaining the approval only.

Again open the account with the correct deposit amount.


When the counter PA opened an account without selecting the agent then even we invoke the menu modification before verification then the system will not allow.

The only solution for this is make an error entry and close the account as "Exceptional Closure" after obtaining the approval only.

Again open the account by selecting the agent.


When the counter PA opened an account by selecting the wrong agent and even we try modification before verification then the system will not allow to modify.

The only solution for this is make an error entry and close the account as "Exceptional Closure" after obtaining the approval only.

Also in the above closed account the counter PA selected the wrong agent so commission will be credited to wrong agent so reverse it for reversal procedure click here.

Again open the account with the correct agent.


When the counter PA opened an account with wrong Value date and even we try modification before verification then the system will not allow to modify.

The only solution for this is make an error entry and close the account as "Exceptional Closure" after obtaining the approval only.

If the above closed account is linked to agent the commission will be credited to agent SB account so we have to reverse it for reversing procedure click here.

Again open the account with the correct value date.

The above scenarios are very important when we are opening an account in real scenario so the counter PA should be very careful to avoid mistakes.Note that without error entry and approval don't close any account for the above said scenarios.
Thanks to

Dec 15, 2014

Not able to Open New Account in TD Data Entry Module


Problem with TD Data Entry v7.5 Patch 8.1

After Update Patch 5 or Patch 6 or Patch 8 or Patch 8.1
  • Not able to Open New Account.
  • Could not click on Amount field.

Solution : TD Data Entry

In Sanchay Post 7.5 after service pack 1 update we are unable to access TD Data entry.

  • Use Data Entry Module alone in Sanchay Post 7.5
Note: This is only for TD Data Entry


SQL 2000 / 2005 / 2008 Management Studio Shortcut Keys


Run SQL window - shortcut keys

The following shortcut keys are active in the Run SQL window:
Ctrl + A
select all
Ctrl + B
change list-box position
Ctrl + C
Ctrl + D
clear text
Ctrl + E
Edit SQL using editor
Ctrl + F
Ctrl + G
show/hide data grid
Ctrl + H
view SQL history
Ctrl + I
go to line
Ctrl + L
lower case
Ctrl + M
capitalize text
Ctrl + N
open another SQL window
Ctrl + O
open query
Ctrl + P
print SQL
Ctrl + R
Ctrl + S
save query
Ctrl + T
switch to another table
Ctrl + U
upper case
Ctrl + V
Ctrl + X
Ctrl + W
line wrap
Ctrl + Y
Ctrl + Z
Ctrl + F5
go to results window
Ctrl + F7
export to table
Ctrl + F11
comment text
Ctrl + F12
uncomment text
Ctrl + Shift + F5
search table
build column list for query table
select current statement
run SQL
check syntax
export data
explain SQL
display query table
find matching bracket
Shift + F2
toggle bookmark
Shift + F3
next bookmark
Shift + F4
previous bookmark
Shift + F12
select to matching bracket
Shift + Delete
Shift + Insert

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