Mar 28, 2015

SSA Interest Patch for SBCO Miscat


SSA Interest Patch is for only SBCO Units using old MISCAT Software for SSA Scheme

SSA Interest Patch is for only SBCO Units using old MISCAT Software for SSA Scheme

Sukanya Samriddhi Account (SSA) is newly introduced scheme. There is no provision in the existing SBCO / MISCAT Module. So most of the SBCO units are using the existing MISCAT - PPF module 

Some SBCO units maintain Office wise registers only

As per SB Order 02/2015Addendum : SBCO will maintain separate Office wise register for this scheme

In the existing PPF Module the IBB will be calculated for the minimum balance from 5th of every month to the end of the month. But for SSA the IBB should be calculated for minimum balance from 10th of every month to the end of the month ( Like SB scheme ) So we need to use some other software. 

So we can use this SSA Interest Calculation patch to solve the problem. 

Create batch file in the name of SSA.BAT

go to Command prompt

1. Download the SSA.EXE and paste in any folder (including Foxpro.exe and Foxpro.ovl )
Paste in to C:\SSA\PPF folder ( where the SSA data are being fed)

2. Create batch file

3. Run the Batch file ...... Check the folder path ( You can change as per your requirement )

4. Give the office code for required offices - ie non CBS Offices. The Interest will be calculated .

5. Then Open our MISCAT ( for SSA) - > Master -> Index services & Updating Balance

6. Report -> Report -> Annual Report -> 1. Interest / 3. Interest 63 

Mirror Download (PoTools)

Solution by Shri. M.Rajendran, Dindigul Dn. Mobile No: 94439 28080
If any doubt please mail to

Chrome Remote Desktop Connection for DOP SIFY Network Guide


Chrome Remote Desktop Configuration

A complete guide on chrome remote desktop connection document has been prepared by Bikash Parida

Download Complete Guide

Bikash Parida, System Administrator, Jagatsinghpur HO.

Mar 27, 2015

Upgrade SSA Deposit Using Sanchay Post Patch 10.1


Sanchay Post 7.5 Patch 10.1 for SSA Deposit

  • Download Sanchay Post 7.5 Patch 10.1.
  • Install the Same on Server and Client machine.
  • Upgrade SSA Deposit in Server Machine.
Note : Execute Upgrade SSA Deposit Patch at Once.



Issues Noticed and Solution

While Upgrade SSA Patch / SSA Deposit patch it may show the error message as Partially Upgraded. In this case, databases of SSA patches are not properly updated. Never try without System Administrator Support.
  • Backup your Post databases.
  • Execute SSA Patch once then Restore Previous version (Will deleted all the SSA related tables).
  • Then upgrade SSA patch freshly will create new tables.
  • After Completion of Successful upgradation of SSA Patch, install patch 10.1
  • Execute SSA Deposit Upgrade at Once.
  • Restore Backup database into dummy(temporary) database import data of SSA account to New Post DB. that's all.
If you are not able to follow the above steps just raise the ticket with SDC Chennai. 
Never try without backup it may leads data loss.

RPLI Premium and Service Tax Calculator for Android Mobile


RPLI Premium and Service Tax Calculator for Android Mobile

Calculate Premium amount of RPLI, AEA/W/GY or Children policy and also its service tax using android app.

Download Mobile Application

Sanchay SO to Ho file generation problem after AD Rollout

After joining India Post domain sometimes Sanchay SO to HO files are not being generated at the time of day and . This is due to password problem of local user account. So it is better to change the administrator password of local system at the time of domain joining. If the password of local administrator account is blank before joining the domain, leave it blank only.


  • Remove System from India Post domain to work group.

  • Right Click on My Computer ->Manage->Local Users and Groups ->Users->Right Click on Administrator->Set Password-> Proceed->Leave password fields blank and click on OK.

  • This will leads to the user account to blank password credential.

  • Rejoin the system to India Post domain.

Thanks to Mr.Preetham   Mangalore Division Karnataka
Shared  by Rajesh H

Mar 26, 2015

Android Application for India Post Mobile Banking


India Post Mobile Banking - screenshot
Login Window
Home Screen of India Post Mobile Banking App
India Post Mobile Banking - screenshot


Dear valued customer, Department of Posts brings you Mobile Banking Application which offers banking on the go. Why to visit Post Office when you can do banking from your comfort zone anytime, anywhere using your mobile device. Yes, Department of Posts new offering to its esteemed valued customers – India Post mobile banking application.

Security Advice

Department of Post never ask you to provide your MPIN, Transaction Password, User ID and OTP (One Time Password). Please be aware of such Phishing by fraudulent.

How to Activate Mobile Banking Application

1. Download the Mobile Banking Application from Google Play store. Please don’t download from any other websites.
2. Open the application and click on Activate Mobile Banking button.
3. Enter the Security Credentials which you have provided with Department of Post.
4. No message Charges for OTP (One Time Password). We shall deliver you Activation OTP on your Registered Mobile Device. Please enter the OTP on the screen which asked you to enter the OTP and proceed further.
5. Once successfully validated you will be asked to enter 4 digit MPIN. Please enter 4 digit MPIN of your choice and you will be activated for Mobile Banking Application.
6. For login into Mobile Banking application, please enter your User Id and the new MPIN.

Help Desk

Should you face any difficulty or you have any queries, please contact our Customer care 
We request you to please provide your valuable feedback and help us to serve you better. Department of Posts – Banking in your hand.

Download India Post Mobile Banking Android App

Mar 24, 2015

CC Bridge Converter v2.0 for PAO use


New CC Bridge converter for PAO use

CC Bridge Converter is Only for PAO Use . Not for Post office.


SSA Account Software for SOSB by Ketan Joshi


Sukanya Samruddhi Account opening software for sosb branch 

  • Download attached SSA Tool from PoTools.
  • Extract the same on your Computer.

Login Credentials

User Name : admin
Password    : admin
MS Access 2007 or higher version is Required to Access the below Tool 

Download SSA Tool for SOSB

Thanks to Ketan Joshi
Note : Official Version of SOSB data Entry Tool will be released Shortly. Testing version released on 17.03.2015.

Cash Shedule Uploading Demo in McCamish


Cash Schedule Uploading Procedure

Thanks to Rajesh H

Clarifications regarding Revision of WNX Tariff w.e.f 23.03.15

NX Project Officer has intimated that solution for updating WNX tariff in Meghdoot Point of Sale will take some time.

Hence post office may please be directed to continue with present tariff for WorldNet Express booking to maintain the business continuity.

Solution for updating WNX tariff will be provided once CEPT, Mysore intimated the same. 

Revision of WNX Tariff  

Thanks to Silambarasan DSM

Weblink with FMenu - 23.03.2015

Improved features:  
eMO / Speednet / RNet / ParcelNet and Pincode Search links updated.
FMenu migrated to Weblink.  

Download Manager

Mar 23, 2015

Update Mobile Numbers about Free SMS alerts


Free SMS alerts : Update Mobile Numbers

Free SMS alert service is available for:

  1. Speed Post
  2. Registered Letter
  3. Insured Letter
  4. Value Payable Letter
  5. Insured Value Payable Letter
  6. Registered Packets
  7. Registered Periodicals
  8. Registered Parcel
  9. Insured Parcel
  10. Value Payable Parcel
  11. Insured Value Payable Parcel
  12. Business Parcel
  13. Business Parcel COD
  14. Express Parcel
  15. Express Parcel COD
  16. Electronic Money Order (e-MO)

Complaint registration at 

The Department of Posts will send free SMS alert
  • To the receiver intimating receipt of the item at the delivery Post Office.
  • To the sender intimating date and time of delivery after the item is delivered.
  • To the complainant after successful registration of complaint.
Sender to provide MOBILE NUMBER of SENDER and RECEIVER at the time of booking.
SMS is also sent to the MOBILE NUMBER updated while registering COMPLAINT through India Post web site ( about the COMPLAINT NUMBER.

The above mentioned SMS alerts are free of cost.

SSA Daily Transaction View & Print (HFTI) in DOP Finacle

At present, there is no option to print LOT of SSA scheme. We have give a temporary solution to view the daily transaction of SSA Scheme to all viewer until the report is attached in HFINRPT.

The following steps are given here to view the transactions.

  • Menu Shortcu - HFTI
  • GO
  • Fill the SOL ID
  • Start Date - 
  • End Date -
  • Entry User ID - User ID of Counter PA
  • General Ledger Subhead Code - 30042
  • GO
  • Click on File
  • Click on Print Preview
  • Click the print button
  • This is temporary LOT of SSA Daily Transaction

Finacle : Instruction for verification before End of Year interest calculation

You are all aware that we are nearing the end of the financial year when interest calculation and posting are due for SB accounts.

Request you to please advise Post Offices to verify all the accounts which have been modified but verification is pending since interest posting for such accounts will fail resulting in complaints and tickets being raised for non-posting of interest.

Unverified accounts can be listed by respective offices using the HAFI menu; CPCs are already aware of the procedure. Following are the fields to be entered in HAFI for finding out unverified transactions:
Ref. No.: Enter one or two spaces
Table Short Name: GAM
General Ledger Subhead Code: 30001
Authorize: Select the radio button 'Not Authorized'
Function Code: M
Following are the GL Heads 
SB - 30001
PPF - 33001
NSS87 -30021
NSS92 -30022
Accounts thus identified have to verified to ensure interest is calculated and posted in them .

Facilities available for EPCOD & BPCOD Customers


Facilities available for EPCOD and BPCOD Customers

1. Every Bulk Parcel COD customer is provided with a user name and password to login to this web site
2. when the customers log in to this website with their credentials, the following reports can be viewed:
  • COD Booked Articles
  • Paid Articles
  • Returned to Sender Articles
  • Delivered but not Paid Articles
  • Article Wise Detailed report

3. Facility to upload complaints in bulk through Corporate Complaints Module (CCM) is available which can be extended to registered bulk customers. Corporate Complaints Module (CCM) facilitates uploading of complaints using a CSV file. Procedure and features of this facility can be seen at 

Mar 21, 2015

Procedure to upload Pay Receovery Schedule in McCamish


PLI Pay Recovery Upload Procedure in McCamish

1. Login to McCamish with Collection Rights. 
2. Click on Collection button in Home Page. 
3. Click on Special Group Radio Button and then, Renewal Radio Button. 
4. Type the Special group number i.e. PLI Pay recover PAO code. For Mysore, Bangalore GPO, Srirangapatna, Dharwad and Manipal HO, type only Pay recovery PAO code. For all other HOs, enter the code in format “KA-(PAY RECOVERY CODE)”. For example, KA-148, KA-135, KA-131, etc. Then click on “ADD” Push Button.
5. Office details will appear once ADD button is clicked on.
............ full procedure document attached below.


Thanks to Rajesh H

Revision of tariff in respect of World Net Express (WNX)


Tariff Revision of WNX from 23.03.2015

The proposal submitted by M/s DHL for revising the tariff structure for the World Net Express has been approved by the cometent authority.

Revised rates of WNX are enclosed in the attached document 

Download Order Copy

Thanks to Silambarasan DSM

Mar 20, 2015

Non Receipt of eMOs in Delivery Office

Please upgrade to Meghdoot 7.9.2  and use the latest  emo client exe  available  at 

Stop emo client if running. Replace existing emo client exe available in emo client installation path with  the latest one mentioned above. Thereafter,  issue request resend of emos using  divisional admin login for emo. Wait for 5-6 hours . If the mos are still not received, please  forward the following data .
  • backup of eMo database.
  • Copy of RXD, LOG and ERROR LOG folders from eMO client folder.

Note: Please note that we are unable to download data from file sharing utilities like google drive etc.. due to  network restrictions. Please attach the data to the ticket / email  or send by post in a CD / Google drive.The procedure to be followed for sending files of bigger size e.g. database backups etc or multiple  files  is  available for download at

for information and necessary action. 

Point of Sale / Despatch DayEnd Statistical data not update


Point of Sale & Despatch :Statistical data not update. contact your system Administrator

OLE/DB provider returned message: Multiple-step OLE DB operation generated errors. Check each OLE DB status value, i available. No work was don. Statistal data updated. Contact your system administrator


Procedure to Upgrade

  • Download above exl from PoTools.
  • Execute Script using MM Script Tool at Once.
  • Solution given by CEPT, Mysore.

Reasons for non transmission of COD delivered amount


Non Transmission of COD amount from Delivery Office

1) BO Verification not done in Postman module: In Postman module,Supervisor has to perform verification of the amount in r/o all the COD articles delivered by the Branch Post Offices attached to the HO/SO. The BO Verification process will cross check as to whether the amount of all COD articles delivered by each Branch Post Office has been credited to the Accounts w.r.t. the BO Summary in Sub Accounts module. Only such COD aritcle’s amount will be transmitted to ePayment server.
Solution: A new report in Postman module is provided in Meghdoot version 7.9.2, which displays all the COD articles pending in that post office and the reasons for such pendency. Please check this report to know the date for which BO Verification has to be done.

BO Verification can be done at any later date by the Postman Supervisor, by selecting the concerned Account Date i.e., BO Summary Date.

2) BO Names mis-match : The names of the Branch Post Offices as appearing in Sub Accounts module and Postman module should be exactly same. As the BO Verification happens based on the BO names, the names in both these modules should exactly match. If any mismatch is there in the names of the Branch Post Offices, then the articles delivered by such B.O.s will not be transmitted to ePayment Server.
Solution: Please modify such BO names in Sub Accounts module to exactly match with that available in Postman module.

3) Non-usage of Sub Accounts module for generating BO Summary: Using the Sub Accounts module is a must in all the ePayment Sub Post Offices/Head Post Offices, as the COD amount will be transmitted only after tallying with the BO Summary figures of each BO (for the articles delivered through Branch Post Offices)
Solution: Please ensure that BO transactions for those days are entered in the Sub Accounts module. 

4) Submit Account not done in Postman module: In Postman module, the Supervisor has to perform Submit Account for each Postman beat. This process will cross check as to whether the amount of all COD articles delivered by that beat postman has been credited to the Treasurer or not. COD delivered data in r/o the beats for which submit account has been done, will be transmitted to ePayment server for further transmission to Payment office. It is further to state that Postman module will not allow to perform day end without completing the Submit Account of all the beats. 
Solution: The case has to be reported to CEPT for providing suitable solution. 

5) Office became inactive in ePayment: The delivery office might have become inactive in ePayment server. This may be due to the change of the ePayment communication machine by the Post Office, for one reason or the other. The ePayment server will take the data being communicated by the registered communication machine only. If the earlier registered ePayment communication machine is changed by the Post Office, then the COD articles delivered by that Post Offices will not be taken as authenticated by the ePayment Server. 
Solution: The Divisional System Administrator has to re-register the office in ePayment website using the same machine which has transmitted the COD data. Then the ePayment server will re-process the data earlier received by it again. 

6) Last Call status in ePayment: Many offices are not running the ePayment Communication application on daily basis, without which the data will not get transmitted to ePayment server, even though entire delivery process is completed as per the procedure. An MIS report viz.,”Offices Not Called” is available in the ePayment Website which shows the list of Post Offices which have not run the ePayment communication since last 24 hours. The ePayment Communication application can be either scheduled OR run manually. 
Solution: The ePayment Communication application need to be scheduled atleast twice a day. The above mentioned MIS report is available division wise. 

7) Non upgradation of ePayment Software: Some of the offices have not upgraded their ePayment software to the latest version 7.9.2. Some other offices have upgraded the ePayment software from the very old version to Version 7.9.1/7.9.2 instead of upgrading sequentially. Both the above cases may cause problem(s) in using the options provided in these latest versions including non transmission/non payment of COD amounts. 
Solution: All the ePayment offices have to upgrade their ePayment software to the latest version (7.9.2) which is available in CEPT’s ftp website

Mar 19, 2015

Weblink / FMenu-15.03.15


Weblink-15.03.2015Improved features: Added links:
POFinacleGuide, Indiapost Mail
Web Applications: CA Service Desk Manager, CA eHealth


Set Date and Time
Screen Capture- Bugs fixed.
Insert to Word file option added., Drag and drop image to Word file is also provided.
Drag Camera icon to capture portion of Window.
Set IE Homepage
(Menu-Internet Explorer)

Download Manager

FMenu-15.03.2015Updated with the suggestions/ feedback received from field.

Source :

PA17 Tool Revised Version dated 18.03.2015


Tool for Generating PA17 Revised

Steps for generating the report

1. View the monthly summary in treasury module.
2. Run PA-17.exe, give server details on the first run.
3. Select from/to date correctly.
4. Select Current month data(2nd Page)
5. Check Transactions with bank/BOs available whichever is needed for your office.
6. Then click on Fetch button to get the details of PA-17 in table format.
7. Make corrections if any and click "SAVE" button to update data.
8. Only after this step click on "VIEW' button to see the data in report format.
9. At last click on "PRINT" button to get the print.


Thanks to Bijumon S

RPLI Default and Service Tax Calculator


RPLI Default and Service Tax Calculator

Prerequisites of the software are:

  • Microsoft dot net framework 2.0 (prerequisite of eMO software)>> Installer 3.1 (included in software package)
  • Windows imaging component (included in software package) 

Added Features:

>> Added option for calculating service tax
>> Service tax only mode
>> Round off values option added and it can be turned on/off
>> Prerequisite was reduced to dotnet framework 2.0 only. So it will work in low configuration PC's also
>> The calculated default fee and service tax can be copied and pasted
>> Mouse free operation (tabs will switch between fields and enter will calculate)
>> 100% checking of inputs provided and popping out error messages whenever there is an input error.
>> This software will help while booking bulk RPLI transactions.


Credits to: Ajeesh E, System Administrator, Calicut Civil Station HPO, Kerala

Mar 18, 2015

Revised Tool for Generating PA17 dated 17-03-2015


PA17 Tool Revised 17.03.2015

Error Fixed

Rectified the error message of "Invalid Column name 'Bobalance' " while clicking the fetch button

Download Revised Tool

Thanks to Bijumon S

New official website launched by West Bengal Circle, India Post


New Official Site for West Bengal

West Bengal Postal Circle has developed their new official website for office use from 16.03.2015

Visit New Official Site

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